Scary Doors” Theme Of Absence.  2017

A little boy doesn’t know what’s going on behind the closed door of his parents’ bedroom.

Dandelion” Robbed of Sleep Vol. 5: Stories to Stay Up For. 2016

This doorman never wears cotton gloves. Too hard to get the blood out of em’.

A Break in the Dark”  The Literary Hatchet. Issue 12. 2105

Paperback available  The Literary Hatchet Issue 12.

Following a girl to a seance might not have been this lonely pessimist’s wisest decision.

The Burden of the Box”  Bewildering Stories. 2015

A middle-aged man takes a pensive walk. In the woods. In the dark.

Mort” CMC Review. 2015

“Little Lies” TheWifiles. 2015

The landlord lies to use the bathroom. The tenant is unhappy to say the least.

“Glass” Fiction on the Web. 2015

Someone is hiding behind the reflection of the children playing in the dark window.

The Right Light ” 2014

An old man defends his values while struggling with loneliness. Unfortunately, he owns a pellet gun.